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WFIF mHotspot lapotos setup

WIIFmh hotspot mhotspot 7.6 variant. amra onekeei hotspot er nam sunechi. abar onekei er somporke janina. jara ei hotspot er somporkoe janen na tader sohojogitar jonno amader ei tips. ei softwar ti utilize korte pari portable ,

dextop, leptop . apnar modem ke wifi framework korar jonno age jekono site theke hotspot softwar ti download korben. tasara amader site eo ei softwar ti paben. compress documents, 7.6 form. download kore secret word diben. secret word holo

setup er system......

prothome apnar dextop/leptop er organize symbol e click korben. pore (change adepter setting) click korar pore, ( neighborhood ) click korben. notun ekti page asbe, tate organizing er pase sharing e jaben, tarpor ( select a private system association) e click kore (wierless system association ) spare kore permit buttom e tik cinho dilei apnar wireless association hoye jabe, tarpor apni onno pc/versatile e wifi calu kore net peruse download evrything korte parben.

mHotspot_setup_7.7.2.0.exe - 804 KB
free download click here
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