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netcut download for windows 7 32 bit

Share Netcut.eti eamoni ekti softwar bump dhara apni apnar je cry companion der ke wifi secret key diye thaken , and protidin apnar mb utilize kore, kintu tader k kicu bolte o paren na, tai tader net bondho korar jonno ei softwar kaj e asbe. eita apnar friender k information association dekha be thiki, yet kono kaj korte parbe na. peruse korte parbe na. jake apni net dite chan tader ke apni share korte parben. ekti list asbe, jekhane apnar net jara utilize kore tader list asbe, jader apni net share korte channa sudhu tader ip adress

coalition korte parben, yes/no thakbe,. no buttom eclick korle se net utilize korte parbe na. net dekhabe however kono kaj se korte parbe na, r yes e click korle net utilize korte pabe. jekono site theke/amader site theke ei softwar ti download korte parben ... Netcut softwar.

what is new in 2.0.9  The latest version supports Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit

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