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How to Blogger Account Delete

amra onekei jani google er r ekti webpage blogg. blogger website theke amra free site baniye thaki. jara amra onekei Affiliate promoting er jonno site baniye thaki. e jonno oproyojonio onek site baniye thaki. ja amader kono kaj e ase na. tai amra apnader jonno ekti tips baniyesi, jeno apnara sei wail ojotha site gulo erase korte paren khubi sohoje. je site ti apni erase korben , ta apni age login korben. tarpor specialty 1-7 porjontto collum dew throb , apni kivabe erase korben. erase korar 90 commotion pore account ti blogge theke mushe jabe.

(1) Sign into

(2) Next to the blog you need to erase select Settings From the Drop-down

(3) Select Settings

(4) Under Settings on the left half of page Click Other

(5) Go to Big instruments

(6) Optional Click Export blog to spare a duplicate on your hard drive

(7) Click Delete theis blog.
How to  Blogger Account  Delete video 



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