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How to adsense account Delete

amra onekei jani google er r ekti site hurt google adsense. adsense er kaj holo biggapon kora. google adsense theke amra biggapon niye amader nijossho site e advertisement kore thaki. amra advertisement korar karone kichu barti dollar wage korte pari. google adsense e advertisement korar por ja dollar joma hobe, segulo jevabe paben. ta holo least apnar 100$ dollar opening bangladesh er je kono bank

transfar korte parben. amra onek vaira dekha jay ekti account thakar pore o ekadhik account thake.

ekti acccount thakar pore apni jodi ar ekti account eki name, thikanay, versatile number nook , tahole purono account ti Deactive hoye jabe. tai apnara ekadhik account na khulai valo hobe

ekadhik account thakle ta kivabe erase korbe ta specialty dewa throb..
account erase korar framework. je account ti apni erase korben . obosshoi age login kore sei account e probesh korte hobe. tarpor kivabe delet korbe ta specialty dekhun.

1 Click Settings

2 Click Account informatings

3 Click Account status Open canel Account Delete

4 Click Play

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