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Bangladesh Nirbacon Comission... amder onek vai o bondhura achen je apnader NID card hariye gese ba nosto hoye gese. tara abar kivae NID card punoray pete paren tar kicu tips dewa holo. r o throb jader name , boyosh , thikana vul hurt, tara ei site theke tader NID card er Name , Thikana Boyosh change korte parben. kivabe change korben, and hariye gele punoray NID card pete paren ta holo..

prothoma tader site e peruse kore shape songroho korte hobe. shape ti filap kore scen kore tader site pathate hobe . tobe age apnake tader site e ekti account kullte hobe.

account khular system......

prothome NID card er number jemon 19909196501276548. NId card ti jodi 2008 saler hoy tahole obosshoi NID card er number 9196217296400 er sathe apnar jonmo sal mane 1980 opening ta run kore adage 17 digit kore frame e likhte hobe jemon 19809196217296400.. apni wail collum puron korar por Register e click korben. registresion houar pore apni apnar NID card er wail record demonstrate korbe. tahole bujhben apnar NID card ti thik hurt. what's more, pore ta apni print kore apnar NID card toiri korte parben.

shape transfer kivabe korben..

jader name change korar jonno frame ti niyechen , tara apnar NIDr dhesh bord e jan, dhesh bord er upore head line dekhun contact shape name e collum throb, seta te click korele transfer er choice asbe, transfer er alternative er somoy content frame asbe, sekhane apni keno NIDr name , boyosh ba thikana change kortechen ta apni likhe dite hobe. name boyosh thikana change korar somoy obossio apnar purono archive lagbe. school certificet, identification , jonmo sonod potro purono, tahole apni change korte parben. wail archive dewar pore apni 2-3 commotion opkkha korte hobe. 2-3 commotion pore tara apnake call diye ba sms diye apnar notun NID card ti anar jonno bolbe.

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