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How to Delete Payza Account

Payza Bangladesh er simple online installment benefit. amra jara online e kaj kori, tara ei payza Bangladesh onekei utilize kore thaken. abar onekei amra oprojonio account khule thaki. tara khbi sohoj vabe oprojonio payza bangladesh erase korte parben. amra poddhotita lekhe dicchi kivabe payza account erase korben.

prothome apni je account ti delet korte chan , sei account ti age login korte hobe, tarpor amader dewa ekti interface throb sei connect e click korar porei apnar account ti erase hoye jabe. othoba amader connect sara apni jodi nije account ti erase korte chan, tahole amader site e video dewa throb, video ta dekhle apni erase korar poddhotita vujhte parben. Login  button

Delete payza  Account  now

delet korar somoy je page ti asbe, sei page jodi kono stick er ghor ase tahole apnar je gopon stick ti royeche ta dite hobe. stick dewar por arekti page asbe, sei page apni ki jonno erase korcen ta ullekh korte hobe. koyekti ghor asbe je apni keno delet korte chan. je kono ekti ghor select korte hobe jemon

( Duplicate record ) select korben. tarpor affirm buttom e click korar sathe apnar account ti delet hoye jabe...

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