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Valentine's Week list 2019: From Rose Day to Valentine's Day

D-Day is finally here! Plan something special on this day. A romantic night stargazing, a long drive to nowhere or spend time at their favourite place - this day is all about going all out and making sure everything is over-the-top because it is the season of love.  Are you excited for Valentine's Day? Comment below and let us know.

The month of love is here. Counting down to D-Day, here are some more special days to keep in mind and celebrate before going all out with your love. Take note!

The month of romance and love lies ahead of us. This month is super special for all those who are in love, so they can finally propose and make the move. It is also special for those in relationships. In this month, couples want to take time out for each other to make each other feel special, loved and wanted. All-in-all it is an exciting month for lovers.

But the best part about Valentine's Day, is that there are many other days that lead up to it that make it even more special. The week before February 14th also holds a lot of significance with each day standing for something special and significant.

Rose Day - February 7
The first day of Valentine's week is all about starting it off with some romance and flowers. Flowers help set the mood of the season of love that is to come and there is nothing that spells love, more than some beautiful big red roses.
 Propose Day - February 8
Waiting for a chance to propose to that girl or boy you have had your eye on for a while? The time is now! On this special day, make the move and head off to a romantic spot either at the lake or park and go down on one knee to seal the deal!

Chocolate Day - February 9

Which girl doesn't love chocolates? Woo your girl by gifting her a box of exquisite chocolates with a small card to confess your love. Bring out the hopeless romantic in her - try your hand at making some chocolates instead of buying them, to show her how much she means to you.

Teddy Day - February 10
Girls go weak in the knees for cute and cuddly things to snuggle up with at night. Nothing like a fluffy teddy bear, for this day!

Promise Day - February 11

This day probably holds the most significance in the entire week. It is the day to remind your partner of all the promises you made to each other and probably make more promises that you two can work towards keeping for the rest of your lives together.

Kiss Day - February 12
Make the day sweeter to another level by planting small kisses on your significant other at every chance you get. Show them how much you live and cherish them with some sickly sweet kisses.

Hug Day - February 13
Almost the same as a kiss day, don't miss an opportunity to embrace your significant other with warm hugs everytime you can. Make them feel like you're always going to be there and never going to let them go. Not now, not ever.

Valentine's Day - February 14

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