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Sahaba Food Delivery Boy Application

The Sahaba Food Delivery Boy app provides you with a versatile online shopping app for grocery stores, food delivery, fruit and vegetable stores, stationery, cutlery shops and much more.

Sahaba Food Delivery Boy app comes with an admin panel One user apps Active driver apps Two FCs can be controlled from one admin panel

It's the best Android eCommerce app with great coding and support. It has elegant looking home screen, product list, online cart management, detailed product view. Also, it features a list of categories, checkout order summarization, check address book, checkout payment procedure, delivery time and final order confirmation.

In addition, on the order side it has ordered, detailed view orders, order tracking and much more. Elegant looking home screen, product list, online cart management, featured category list.

 If you want, you don't need a driver for your apps, only users can run your business with apps

If you think you can still connect these driver apps with your user apps

Install our apps. There is a link below. Download and install from there and sign up. Then you will understand what is the functionality of our apps. If there is any problem, you can tell us that you have this problem.

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Premium Version:TK 15000
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